Flex & Stretch Package

Flex & Stretch Package

Now you can have the long, lean muscles and the coveted chiseled abs all-in-one! In just over 30 minutes you will strengthen your entire core with this awesome "Off The Floor" standing abs routine as well as improve flexibility, relieve stress, soreness and/or stiffness with "Stretch + Release." Feel good knowing you've invested in you with access to all of this available anytime, anywhere on your smart phone, tablet or computer. It doesn't get much better than that!

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Flex & Stretch Package

2 Videos

  • Off The Floor Abs

    Tired of the same ol' floor exercises? The EAT.SLEEP.SWEAT. 15-minute Off The Floor abs routine works the entire core and can be done anytime, anywhere!

    No mat? No problem! This series of twists, turns, bends and lifts is sure to target those tough-to-tone lower abs as well as tackle that "li...

  • Stretch + Release

    In just over 15 minutes, this total body stretch guide presented by EAT.SLEEP.SWEAT. will help you improve your flexibility and range of motion as well as decrease the risk for injury during sports, exercise and other physical activity. With a tranquil soundtrack, this video is also a great addit...